About me

Dr Chrishanthy Grace Jayarajah MBBS MRCPsych DFSRH is a Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead of Perinatal Services at CNWL in London. She trained at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and completed her psychiatry training in London, with additional training in systemic (family) psychotherapy, general adult, liaison and forensic psychiatry. As a member of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists with a Diploma in reproductive and sexual health, Dr Jayarajah has a keen interest in womens health. She has developed Maternity Unit guidance for the management of mental health during pregnancy and delivery, and has expertise in providing training surrounding identification of vulnerable women; including issues surrounding sexual health, domestic violence, forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and women in prison.  She is scientific adviser for the Maternal OCD Charity, and has both clinical and academic expertise in the management and treatment of perinatal OCD and use of medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She is active on social media as creator of the #OCDBfing podcast and live twitter chat, and is passionate about encooperating the creative arts in spreading awareness about perinatal mental health